Review of the Managed Investments Act 1998

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 How to make a submission

Submissions should be framed in light of the Terms of Reference. In the interests of efficiency, and recognising the complexity of the subject matter, it is envisaged that written submissions will be the primary means of informing the Review.

It would be helpful if submissions included a 1-2 page executive summary.

Submissions should be addressed to:

    Managed Investments Act Review
    c/o Financial Markets Division
    The Treasury
    Langton Crescent
    PARKES ACT 2600

Submissions may also be faxed to the Review on (02) 6263 2882, or submitted by e-mail to

It is intended that submissions will be made public. If you do not want your submission, or some part of it, made public, you should mark the submission `confidential' or otherwise clearly indicate those parts that are not to be made public.

It would be helpful if you could send us a `hard copy' written version of your submission together with an electronic version on a diskette or as an attachment to an email message. We use Microsoft Word 97 but can deal with a number of formats. As a precaution, we would appreciate your undertaking the appropriate virus scanning of both electronic versions or diskettes before you send them.

The closing date for submissions is Friday 7 September 2001.

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